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Getting Started

101 Guides

Quick start guides to help you make the most of Crazy Egg.

15 articles

Video Tutorials

Video tutorials, demos, and guides on how to use key Crazy Egg features.

12 articles

Integrations and Installation

Integrations with your favorite apps and how to install Crazy Egg on your website.

17 articles

Troubleshooting Installation

How to solve common issues with installing the Crazy Egg tracking script.

4 articles


How to Use Snapshots

Getting started with Snapshots.

20 articles

Results and Reports

How to use each of your Snapshot Reports.

10 articles

Tracking Options

How to customize, set up, and track web pages.

12 articles

Custom Tracking

Tips and guides on customizing your Snapshots.

9 articles


Answers to frequently asked Snapshot questions.

8 articles

Troubleshooting Snapshots

Solutions to common Snapshot questions.

10 articles

User Recordings

Getting Started

Guides for how to set up User Recordings.

12 articles

Advanced Options

Customize and tailor your User Recordings.

5 articles

Troubleshooting Recordings

Solutions to common User Recording issues.

3 articles

A/B Testing

Getting Started

Quick start guides on how to set up and run your A/B Tests.

7 articles

A/B Test Results

How to view, manage, and interpret the results of your A/B Tests.

1 article

Troubleshooting A/B Testing

Answers to common A/B Test questions and issues.

3 articles


Getting Started

Tips and guides on using Editor successfully.

2 articles

Account Management

Managing Domains and Websites

Track multiple domains and websites from a single account.

1 article

Policies and Procedures

Information on policies like Crazy Egg GDPR Readiness.

1 article

Managing Team Members

How to manage team members for your Crazy Egg account.

2 articles

Billing, Pricing, and Subscriptions

Details on pricing and subscription plans, including upgrades.

9 articles