About Crazy Egg A/B Testing

What is Crazy Egg A/B Testing?

Crazy Egg A/B Testing is a tool which keeps it simple. No complicated set-up here, simply select an
element you want to test ideas on, and get testing! Try experimenting with different headlines, sales copy, or product descriptions and quickly learn which idea converts the best.

Who can use it?

Crazy Egg A/B Testing is a feature that is only available to people on a Bundled Plan. Contact support@crazyegg.com if you'd like to get access to this feature. 

How does Crazy Egg A/B Testing work?

The tool works in the following three steps:

  1. When you create an A/B test, you'll get a code snippet from Crazy Egg. Add this code snippet to your website’s HTML and you’re ready to go. You only need to add the code once.
  2. When visitors land on a page that is part of a test, Crazy Egg will deliver the Control and Variants at random. Crazy Egg uses multi-armed bandit testing to determine how traffic is allocated. 
  3. Crazy Egg records the performance of your pages onto your Results page. 
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