Introduction to A/B Testing

Tests is a new feature within Crazy Egg where you can run experiments to improve your site.

You can use Tests to:

  • improve your website's conversion rate 
  • test design and copy changes
  • find out which changes motivate your visitors to take action

Ultimately, this feature gives you the tools you need to learn from your customers' behavior and decisions. Tests is starting out in beta. It is not available to the public. We invite a select few to join the Early Access Program.

What is the Early Access Program?
The Early Access program is your opportunity to help us improve features and tools — in advance. We want to work with you to make sure our products are not only useful but valuable for your business.

Early Access products are software features being tested by a subset of customers before they’re released to the public. As a member of the Early Access program, you’re eligible to try new features and products early.

As an Early Access member, you have access to information and features that are not available to the public. By participating in the Early Access program, you agree to keep all information confidential until it is released to the public. Some features may be altered before release or not released at all.

Early Access Program features are available by invitation only.

How Do I Get Started with the Early Access Program?
Sign-up for the Early Access program by filling out this short survey.

If you are selected to take part in the Early Access program, you will receive an email from the Crazy Egg team with instructions and more details.

Agreements with the Early Access Program
Crazy Egg's Terms of Use and Privacy Policy are applicable to your existing Crazy Egg account and also apply to your use of the features available through the Early Access program.

You don’t need to make any changes to your account to use features available through the Early Access program.

Feedback and Compensation for the Early Access Program
You aren’t required to give feedback on the Early Access product, but if you’d like to share your feedback, please contact us. Participation is optional and not compensated.

Early Access program Troubleshooting Tips
If you notice a glitch with the app, please report it:

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