Introduction to Recordings

Recordings is a new feature within Crazy Egg where you can watch recordings of your visitors interacting with your website. You'll see their actual mouse movements, clicks and more!  

Get instant feedback after you launch a new website

  • Identify bugs or UX issues
  • Watch individual visitors interact with your site's navigation and product pages

... and much, much more!

Recordings simplifies the collection of website feedback so you can improve your site with confidence.

How to set-up Recordings

1. Install the Crazy Egg tracking script. You can find the script by clicking on My code within your Crazy Egg dashboard.

2. Go to your Recordings dashboard which is on the left-side navigation to access the Recordings dashboard. The Recordings dashboard gives you a bird's eye view on all your video recordings.

3. Click on Start Recording. 

4. Choose the site you want to record. Change the toggle to green.

By default, Crazy Egg will record sessions on any page on your site that has the Crazy Egg tracking snippet installed. 

Need to control which user journeys you want to record? See Start recording specific pages.

Note: You should start to see recordings in your account 30 mins after enabling recording on your website.

Crazy Egg will automatically distribute data collection evenly throughout the day over a course of the month. 

For example:

Let's say your site receives 326,000 sessions per month
And your account is on the Recordings plan of 1500 sessions per month
1500 / 326,000 = 0.0046 which is about 0.4%
Crazy Egg tracks 4 out of every 1000 sessions

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