Exports can include all 5 reports or only the specific reports you select.  There are two methods to access the exports, either via email or downloaded directly from the dashboard under Exports. You can export the reports via three methods: (1) Export from the dashboard, (2) Batch export and (3) Export while viewing results.  In this article, you will learn how to export reports from the dashboard.

Exporting a Report from the Dashboard

1.    Choose the snapshot you want to export and click on the gear symbol to the far right hand side.
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2.    Select "Export this snapshot".
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3.    A new window will appear.  Select the reports you would like to export.  Enter an email address to receive an email with a link or simply click on the "Export" button.  In this example, we have chosen not to email the report.
C.png 15.77 KB

4.    Be sure to give the system some time.  When the export is ready, look for a number to appear beside Export in the blue menu.  Click on Export.  
D.png 106.75 KB

5.    A new window will appear with a link.  Click on this link and it will start to download a zip file to your downloaded files folder.
E.png 11.33 KB

Note worthy mentions ...
1.  For security reasons, you will only have a few hours where the link in the email is active.  Once it has expired, you will have to export the reports again.
2.  The Heatmap, Scrollmap, Confetti and Overlay report are all exported as PDFs and the List report is exported as a CSV file.
3.  To export reports for more than one snapshot at a time, follow these steps:  
      (1) Select the snapshots by placing a checkmark in the box to the left of the titles.           
      (2) Click on the "Snapshot Actions" button to reveal a list.  
      (3) Click on "Export these snapshots".

4.  To export reports while viewing the results of one of your snapshots, click on the ellipsis () menu located in the top right hand corner and then click export. 
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