Snapshot Status

Snapshot status provides information about the current state of the snapshot.  Note that if the tracking script is not installed correctly, despite having a running status, the snapshot will not collect data.  We recommend verifying your script installation if you do not see any data collected after 24 hours.

There are five snapshot statuses in Crazy Egg - running, completed, pending, scheduled, and error.

  1. Running - Snapshot is currently in a running state and collecting data if the tracking script is installed.

  2. Completed - Snapshot is not tracking because the end date/visits limit was reached or the snapshot was manually stopped.

  3. Pending - You will see this status when a snapshot has just been created.  Crazy Egg is updating files and the Snapshot has not begun to track data.  Once a snapshot is ready to track, the status will automatically change to running; this normally takes about 30 minutes to start tracking.

  4. Scheduled - Snapshot is scheduled to start on a later date/time.  On the scheduled date and time the snapshot will automatically change to a running.

  5. Error - There was an error capturing the image of your page. You can try to recapture the image by selecting "Refresh Snapshot Image" (using the gear symbol). Or if the page is not publicly accessible you can use Page Camera to upload the image.
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