Adding a Snapshot

Adding a new Snapshot is simple. There are no domain limitations, you simply add a snapshot for a page you'd like to track. The tracking script is the same for all Snapshots regardless of the domain. It is important to note that Snapshots only track a single page. If you want to track multiple pages on your site, you will have to create a snapshot of each page.

1.    Click on the "Add New" button in the top right-hand corner of your dashboard.  Click on "Snapshot" from the drop-down list.

2.    A new window will appear.  Choose whether you want to create multiple snapshots at once, or just one snapshot by clicking on the picture.

3.    In this case, I chose multiple snapshots.  You can paste the URL in the first field (outlined in red) and then tab and rename the Snapshot name as you would like.  Scrolling down on the page will allow you to add more URL's for new snapshots.  Once done click next.

4.   Choose which device you would like your Snapshot (page screenshot) to be taken from.  

For example, if you choose the desktop image, under 'Screenshot Device' (the first one), your snapshot will capture the screenshot of your page as viewed on a desktop.  To choose a tablet or mobile device select one of the other two.  

In the 'Track Traffic From' you can choose either the same device type as you did for the screenshot or select a combination of the different devices.  
Note:  If you want to track only Mobile traffic for a specific URL and desktop separately, only click on the one type under Track Traffic From.  Clicking on both (or all three) will cause an error in tracking the same URL from multiple devices.

From this same window, you can edit when you want your snapshot to start and end.  Click on the "Next" button when finished.

Note:  In the bulk snapshot creation, you do not have all the advanced setting options as you would under single snapshot creation.
5.    Now you are ready to review your snapshots setting.  If you want to make any changes, click on the "Back" button.  Otherwise, click on the "Create # Snapshots" button.

Congratulations!  You have just made your first (or several) new snapshots.

Note:  The status of your Snapshot will first appear as "Pending".  It will remain in this status until our server has had the opportunity to go out to your website page, capture a screenshot and process the information.  Once this is complete, your snapshot status will change to "Running" and information will be collected as visitors to this page occur.
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