Viewing Results

Viewing your snapshots results is a breeze.  Results can be viewed at anytime after a snapshot is updated with data. Newly created snapshots will take a few hours for the status to change from pending to running. Once a snapshot is running data will update every 4-6 hours for the higher plans, and daily updating for the lowest plan.

1. To view the results of your snapshot, simply click on the name of your snapshot from your dashboard (or select View results under the gear symbol).  

Note: The link to view results will only be available once there has been data tracked.

2. You will arrive at a new screen which will be displaying your first results report - the Heatmap

Note: When viewing results, a helpful tip will display (see screenshot for step 2). If you do not wish to see these tips, place a check mark in the box beside "Hide these tips in the future." To reactivate the tips, click on the ellipsis (...) in the top right hand corner and select show tips.

3. There are several options along the top right hand side that allow you to view different reports.  For more information on these types of results/reports, visit our results section.
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