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Tablet and mobile snapshots

Snapshots will track Desktop, Tablet and Mobile visitors using a Desktop screenshot by default. Additional snapshots can be added to track Mobile or Tablet visitors.

Add a Mobile Snapshot
  1. Start by adding a new snapshot from your Crazy Egg dashboard.
  2. Enter the URL for your snapshot.
  3. Select the phone icon for Screenshot Device, this will capture a screenshot of a mobile/phone view. 
  4. Uncheck Desktop and Tablet from Track Traffic From (only keep Phone selected). 
  5. Save the snapshot.

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Screenshot Device 
This option selects the device type that is used to capture a screenshot; the default is Desktop. The Screenshot Device can only be selected when adding a new snapshot; this option can not be changed once a snapshot has been added.

Track Traffic From 
This option selects the the visitors that should be tracked based on device; the default is visitors from all devices. Only one snapshot can track traffic for a device. This means you can have a maximum of three snapshots, one for each device type.

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