Snapshots will automatically start when added and stop after 60 days or 25,000 visits; whichever comes first. All of these options are customizable under Duration when adding or editing a snapshot.*

Snapshot start date/time
Changing the start time under Duration will schedule the snapshot to start at a later date + time of your choosing.** The snapshot will show in the dashboard as Scheduled. The screenshot for the snapshot is captured at the scheduled date unless the snapshot was added using Page Camera.

Snapshot end date/time/visit limit
The end date and visit limit determine when a snapshot will stop. A snapshot will stop when the end date + time is reached, or when the visit limit is reach.** The longest period a snapshot can run is 365 days, snapshots can not run indefinitely.

*The start time can not be changed once a snapshot is added.
**The time is based on the timezone of your computer.

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