Folders are a great way to organize your Snapshots, A/B tests, and Edits within your Crazy Egg dashboard. Placing your data into Folders can add an additional layer of organization to your dashboard. 

In the example below, we'll look at how to organize Snapshots into two different Folders. 

1. Start by clicking on the All Folders drop-down right above your Snapshot titles

2. Choose "Create New Folder" then name it whatever you'd like.

To move Snapshots into Folders:

1) Start by selecting the Snapshots you'd like to move, then click on the Snapshot actions drop-down and select the destination Folder.

2) Once you've selected a destination folder, you will see a notification on your dashboard verifying the Snapshots have been moved.

3) Selecting the desired folder from the All Folders drop-down will show only the Snapshots organized under this folder.

Deleting a Snapshot

When deleting a Snapshot a dialog box will open to confirm that you want to delete the folder. If there are Snapshots, A/B Tests, or Edits in a folder when deleting, those will be deleted as well. It is recommended to remove any Snapshots before deleting a folder as deleting cannot be undone. 

Note: If there are multiple domains tracked in your account, Folders will only be accessible within each Site. Therefore you can't have Snapshots, for example, from different sites in 1 folder.
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