Exporting a Snapshot is a great way to save and backup the results of your Snapshots. This can be useful for archiving older data to compare to newer data, creating a backup of your data, or helping you make room for new Snapshots. In this article, you will learn how to export reports from the Snapshot results menu.

  1. Once you've opened a Snapshot you'll want to find the ellipses in the top right corner and hover over it.
  2.  Click on Export.
  3. Then be sure to review the checked reports for exporting and select whether you'd like receive an email when the export is finished.
  4. When you're ready click Export.
Note: Exports, by default will include all 5 reports, or only specific reports that you select. The Heatmap, Scrollmap, and Overlay reports are all exported as JPEGs. The Confetti report is exported as a PDF. The List report is exported as a CSV file.
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