Feature Update: Changes to Sharing & Team Members

On April 10th, 2017, Crazy Egg made the following three changes:

  1. Only Owners can access Team Members and grant permissions. Managers will no longer have the ability to view or invite new Team Members.
  2. Read-Only members will no longer have the ability to access individual Snapshots. If you still need access to specific Snapshots, check your email — we sent you an email with links that allow you to access individual Snapshots. Alternatively, Owners will need to give Team Members site-level access or send out public Share Links to share individual Snapshots.
  3. Crazy Egg will not support customized sharing URLs and logins on the following two subdomains: viewheatmaps.com and reportsection.com. Anyone that tries to access the reports on these subdomains will see a similar message to the one below:

There are two new ways you can share Snapshots:

1. Grant site-level access to your teammates

Go to your Account > Manage team. Anyone who previously had access to specific snapshots, will be listed as a Team Member.  Select Edit and then choose which site(s) you'd like to share.

2. Send a public Share Link to share a Snapshot

For any individual Snapshot, select Share this Snapshot

People who receive your public Share Link can only view your reports. They cannot create or delete reports.

Why are we making these changes?

We're releasing new features to make it more flexible for you to share your Crazy Egg reports.

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